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When it comes to boxing and combat sports, choosing the right gear is essential for both safety and performance. One key decision fighters face is whether to use open palm boxing gloves or traditional boxing gloves. Each option offers its own advantages and considerations. In this article, we will delve into the characteristics and benefits of both types of gloves, helping you determine which is the best fit for your needs and preferences.

Traditional Boxing Gloves:

Traditional boxing gloves have been a staple in combat sports for decades. They feature a closed-fist design with padding distributed across the knuckles and back of the hand. Here are some factors to consider when contemplating traditional boxing gloves:

  1. a) Hand Protection: Traditional gloves provide excellent hand protection due to their thick padding, reducing the risk of injuries during training.
  1. b) Impact Absorption: The added padding in traditional gloves enhances impact absorption, which can be particularly advantageous for heavy hitters.
  1. c) Wrist Support: Traditional gloves typically offer robust wrist support with their secure wrist straps and tight fit, minimizing the risk of sprains or strains.


Open Palm Boxing Gloves:

Open palm boxing gloves, also known as MMA gloves or grappling gloves, have gained popularity in recent years, especially in mixed martial arts (MMA) and hybrid combat sports. Here are some considerations for those leaning towards open palm boxing gloves:

  1. a) Finger Mobility: Open palm gloves allow for increased finger dexterity, enabling fighters to grapple, clinch, and perform various grappling techniques with greater ease. This is particularly beneficial for practitioners of MMA and other disciplines involving ground fighting. You Can make a complete fist in the Boxing & Barbells gloves.
  1. b) Striking Precision: Open palm gloves offer more direct contact with the target, allowing for increased striking precision. The reduced padding on the knuckles can improve accuracy, speed, and the ability to target specific areas. The gloves will forse you to have proper technique.
  1. c) Training Versatility: Open palm gloves are not limited to boxing training; they are widely used in disciplines like MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If you engage in multiple combat sports, open palm gloves can provide a versatile training option.
  1. d) Weight and Size: Open palm gloves are generally lighter and smaller than traditional boxing gloves, providing a different training experience and promoting faster hand speed.


Why Boxing & Barbells gloves?

Ultimately, the choice between open palm boxing gloves and traditional boxing gloves depends on your specific needs and goals as a fighter. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

  1. a) Discipline: If you primarily focus on boxing, traditional gloves might be what you are accustomed to, as they align with the sport's specific requirements. However, the Boxing & Barbells gloves are designed to have similar knuckle padding and wrist support as a traditional boxing glove. Also, if you train in a range of combat sports or do any fitness boxing, open palm gloves like the B&B gloves, could be the better choice.
  1. b) Training Objectives: Consider your training objectives. Are you focused on honing your striking technique or developing a well-rounded skill set that includes grappling and ground work? Do you do boxing workouts that include strength training and you would like to leave your gloves on during training? Assessing your goals will help guide you towards the most appropriate glove type.
  1. c) Safety Considerations: If safety is a primary concern, the Boxing & Barbells gloves offer similar padding and support as the traditional glove. If you're prone to hand injuries or are still in the early stages of your training, you can go with B&B gloves or traditional gloves.



Deciding between open palm boxing gloves and traditional boxing gloves is a personal choice that depends on your training goals, combat sport discipline, and personal preferences. Although the Boxing & Barbells gloves are open palm, they still provide the knuckle protection and wrist protection of a traditional boxing glove. But they are much more convenient than a traditional glove because you can use your hands while keeping the gloves on.

Written by cary williams

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