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Everyone is teaching boxing in the same way, but there is a BETTER WAY! With our 25 years of experience in the boxing and fitness arena, we have put together the B&B Method. A method of teaching authentic boxing in the fitness space. You can take advantage of our class format BOX + BUILD® formerly known as Boxing & Barbells. Let us help you!


"These are like butter. The more I use them, the better they feel even. A great glove for bag work and then right into circuit training!"

Our patent pending B&B glove design has made your boxing glove experience even better! Never have to take off your gloves to get water, lift weights, swipe on your phone or tie your shoe!


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    “As a Tier 3 Equinox trainer, I meet a lot of members who are interested in boxing. Box & Build is a unique counterpart to the current boxing classes out there because it teaches proper technique in simple and effective ways. Outside of one-on-one training, the current boxing classes are more cardio based. Whereas the strength component of B&B is effective in giving members that HIIT workout while maintaining proper form and focus on boxing combos."
  • ★★★★★
    B&B is a trustworthy brand. Cary Williams, an expert in this field, provides a course that's comprehensive, practical, and hands on. As a Program Director at UCLA, I really appreciate that the B&B certification is selective. Everyone has to demonstrate their ability to execute the movements and to teach them in order to be certified.
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Why Heidi and her sister brought the B&B Method® to their gym

Your members deserve the best!


We love our fistic fam! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU even after you get certified! Everything you need to know to teach boxing in the fitness industry. We are in your corner!