B&B® Certification Course Level 1&2

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boxing instructor certification - B&B® LEVEL 1 & 2 COURSES

Online Boxing Certification 

Your Fitness Career with the Ultimate Boxing Certification

This comprehensive course is perfect for boxing trainers and anyone who wishes to be in the future. Over the duration of Level 1, you'll learn the fundamentals of boxing techniques, footwork, and body mechanics. Level 2 takes your skills to the next level, exploring advanced boxing drills, intricate combinations, and specialized barbell exercises. 

As a fitness trainer, you strive to provide your clients with unique, exciting workouts that will keep them engaged and motivated. With the B&B boxing instructor certification course Level 1&2, you'll take your fitness career to the next level by learning how to teach an authentic boxing workout in a group fitness setting.

Our founder will teach you beginner and advanced boxing techniques, footwork, punches, defensive movements, heavy bag techniques, weight lifting, and more. By the end of the course, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to run your own B&B classes in any environment.

Here's Why You'll Love This:

✓ Master Beginner and Advanced Boxing Techniques: Learn how to properly perform and instruct beginner and advanced boxing movements and footwork, as well as punches and defensive movements.

✓ Create Exciting and Dynamic Combinations: Combine offense and defense techniques to form beginner and advanced combinations that will keep your clients engaged and challenged.

✓ Perfect Heavy Bag Techniques: Learn how to properly execute beginner and advanced heavy bag techniques for a full-body workout.

✓ Elevate Your Training Game: Learn proper technique for weight lifting and how to incorporate it into your classes for a well-rounded workout.

✓ Run Your Own B&B Classes: Learn how to structure and run a successful B&B class in any environment, and get certified upon passing.

In addition to these benefits, you'll receive access to an online portal that provides an electronic B&B manual, videos on advanced boxing, weight training, and class format, and a B&B coach t-shirt upon passing. Plus, you'll receive a discount on all B&B merchandise. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your fitness career and provide your clients with a unique and effective workout experience.

Take your fitness journey to new heights. Join our B&B® Certification Course Level 1&2 and become a certified expert in boxing and barbell training.

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Customer Reviews

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No other coach is better!

Step by step videos to review. Watch them over and over again if you need to. Message Cary and ask questions and get help as needed before , during and after taking the certification. She will even take your submission video via zoom and slow it down to SHOW YOU where You can improve ( if your like me you need that visual) and to show you where you are excelling and being kicka$$!


Hands down the Cary is the best of the best!